I am please to introduce the digital assistant of this website:

Instead of automatize the social presence of all the accounts using the main presence. I decided to pack everything into a Bot in order to be sure that human interactions could be distinguished by digital iterations. Hope that the human followers will appreciate the gesture and will enjoy a better experience! In the end we are all annoyed by automatic messages and in this way you will not have to turn off them.

But let’s meet FLBot1: it is in charge of maintaining a coherent digital presence among all the various social accounts. Not a simple task but for sure something that a bot can do!

Meet the avatar of the digital assistant. It decided to manifest himself in cat form as he will be spending most of its time looking for tweets and twitting about what is going on.

As it is familiar with digital birds I will use this banner as reference and constant remind of its origins

It will follow social accounts like Quora, Reddit and many more as well as start a conversation with various Bot in twitter. In other words, everything that is boring for a human but that is good practice to do in today digital era.

FLBot1 is also connected with various services in the web and will use it for fostering a conversation in case you will decide to interact with it.

Digital Assistant

Do not be afraid of engage with it! It will not bite you.

Soon it will appear in the news of this website as well. Let’s wish good luck to it for a successful digital adventure in Internet. I am sure that it will be following its tasks meticulously. Maybe without initiative but meticulously for sure.