The right attitude for your thesis

Setting up the proper mindset is extremely important for developing the right attitude for your thesis. Below, you will find a collection of videos that should help you in finding a potential missing component in your cocktail for success. Please consider them as an invitation to think critically where you are instead of instructions to follow.

Do you still need to do some exams?

What do top students do differently? Does IQ and/or hard work matter? Get a feeling of what top students do in order to get their results: you will be surprised. In particular because you can actually learn how to do it!

What top students do that make them be the top

The take home message: IQ does not really matter but practicing exams (maybe from previous years) is the most important way to increase your grades. In order to do that you need the basic:

  • Motivation
  • Self discipline
  • Resilience

Do you feel stuck and/or un-motivated?

This is for everybody that is currently seeing their studies as a prison. Do you feel stuck? In short: it is all about purpose and momentum!

Is all about Purpose and Momentum

You will find 5 key factors that will help you realize what you would like to do and how to unstuck yourself.

Why it is sometimes difficult to do the right thing?

We are creatures of feeling, mainly pleasure seekers and pain avoidant. Sometimes we may think that we are doing the right thing when, in fact, we are actually doing the opposite. This video explain what is known as “the trap of pleasure”.

The talk uses food as an example. However, the trap of pleasure works on many habits. Do you have any that are currently working against you? By the way, in case you you think that your food habits may benefit from an improvement, here you can find a curated set of videos on the topic.

The right attitude for your thesis: let’s talk about procrastination

Procrastination is the avoidance of doing a task that needs to be accomplished by a certain deadline. Let’s have a look at this “confession of a procrastinator”. Maybe you will recognize some of your behaviors and potential pleasure traps that you are currently experiencing:

Pleasure trap and procrastination: are they related?

Be aware of the instant gratification monkey! 😉

Do you have time for achieving your goals?

Being busy is not being productive. Awareness of the differences between the two may help you achieve your goals. This video will give you a set of heuristics that will help you in defining the most important activities in your daily routine and act accordingly!

Are you busy or are you productive?

In summary:

Let’s recap what we have seen :

  • The first video gives you practical actionable suggestions for finishing your exams.
  • The second video introduces the importance of giving meaning to what you are doing in order to achieve a fulfilling life.
  • The third video introduces the concept of the “pleasure trap”.
  • The fourth video shows the pleasure trap in action when procrastinating.
  • The fifth video gives a set of heuristics that productive (not busy) people use in order to achieve things in their life.

Is there anything that may help you in setting up the right attitude for your thesis?

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