In this page you will find a collection mini guides and tutorials. They are a few pointers to a set of articles that should help you in getting familiar with a particular topic. As the amount of post in this website is increasing, finding the relevant information is becoming more chaotic and I hope that this section may help you in navigating the content per topic.

Tutorials and mini guides
Tutorials and mini guides

How to write a better thesis

It is a collection of articles that should help you during this last phase of your studies. They are tuned for bachelor and master students that will face the scientific process for the first time in their life. They cover all the aspect of the thesis starting from how to take the most from the meetings with the supervisors, how to write a research proposal to how to do the literature review and how to deal with a challenge using the proper methodology. Full list of articles for how to do a better thesis here.

How to be a better programmer

This collection of articles introduce a few practical concepts and tools that are very typical of software engineering. A skilled programmer will probably find these suggestions relatively obvious. However, I found that most of the programming 101 courses focus on procedural programming without putting any attention to object oriented programming (OOP) or mastering the tools that professionals use in their daily practice. This mini-guide try to cover these aspects as well as how to write code in a way that it will actually be readable by your “future self” when he will try to modify it the week after. Full list of articles for how to be a better programmer here

The Building Blocks of a Software Architecture

This mini-guide gives you an overview of the main technologies that are normally used by programmers in order to not re-invent existing code, save time and or generalize a solution. What is XML? Why we need a Data Base? Etc. etc. Full list of article for the building blocks of a software architecture here

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a popular topic and refers to a set of tools that are used for a variety of different activities. This collection of articles will give you an overview of the most common in order to understand what is the most appropriated technique for the particular challenge that you need to address.

I do not exclude that I will build more mini guides and tutorials. Once the articles will be ready, I will wrap them in a coherent set and a new guide will appear here in this page.