The Research Student Assistant is a part time job opportunity that is available at Tilburg University and only for students of Tilburg University.

A Student Assistant (SA) is a student that is enrolled at the university who have been hired to provide services to a department or facility. They are paid on an hourly basis and the job load is specifically tuned for considering the load that he/she has in the classes.

Research Student Assistant at TiU
Research Student Assistant at Tilburg University

This position is particularly research oriented. In other words your work will contribute to the development of the research of the department of management.

The ideal candidate is a student that has a proactive and go-getter attitude that is curious to know more about cutting edge topics explored by the professors in the department.

During your work you will gain:

  • Hard skills that you will develop include mathematical analysis and programming. 
  • Soft skills includes critical thinking and scientific writing.

If you are interested in this opportunity I encourage you to get in touch with me, as the application will require the development of a small research project.

Procedure for the application:

  • Step 1: get in touch with me via eMail with and idea that you would like to develop or simply saying why you believe that you are a good fit for this position of research student assistant.
  • Step 2: If you pass the initial screening we will develop a proposal following your idea or you will select among the currently available proposals
  • Step 3: A committee at the department of management will evaluate the proposal and your suitability for the project
  • Step 4: If successful you will start working as SA base on your available time.

Note: Projects (and students) that have the greatest potential towards top publications (see this journal list for more information) will have a greater chance of been accepted.

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