EY Blockchain Internship: Thesis Proposal

Master thesis project: EY Blockchain internship EY is looking for interns (or recent graduates) with Blockchain skills for the EY Technology Consulting team. In today’s market, companies are looking for the latest technologies to improve the efficiency of their business processes. Emerging technologies, such as Blockchain, are disrupting our clients markets and require innovative solutions…

Promotion of Scientific Work: Thesis Proposal

Promotion of scientific work via social media platforms and the development of supporting research indicators. (Tentative Title) We are looking for students that want to explore a research theme in the area of scientometrics, which is the study of measuring and analyzing science, technology and innovation. In particular, we are looking for ‘self-starter’ students that are…

Abstract Representation of Cloud Computing

This picture is an abstract representation of cloud computing a technology that is very concrete but at the same time not clearly defined and the question “what is cloud computing?” usually lead to different answers from different people. Clouds Computing refers to a set of technologies that provides the possibility to share or outsource storage space…