How to Do a Good ThesisIn this page you will find a collection of articles that can help you in understanding how to do a good thesis. This is currently a work in progress and more articles will follows and will be listed here. I divided the process of writing a thesis in 4 different phase. (i) What to do before starting. (ii) the related work and literature research; (iii) the experimental part and “the last mile” for driving the work to a conclusion and successful submission.

How to do a good thesis: before you start.

  1. Ask yourself what you want to do when you will “grow up”. This article will help you understanding how you can take the most from your thesis for your future goals.
  2. (Optional) Get a grasp of what kind of mentor I am. It will help you in understanding what I write in these posts and/or if we are compatible in case you are considering pursuing your thesis with me.
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How to do a good thesis: literature research and related work

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How to do a good thesis: the experimental and scientific part

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How to do a good thesis: the last mile

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