How to Do a Good Thesis
How to Do a Good Thesis: the Miniseries

In this page you will find a collection of articles that can help you in understanding how to do a good thesis. This is currently a work in progress and more articles will follows. When a new article will be produced I will try to list it here in a way or an other.

Your Bachelor or Master program at your university may or may not require you to write thesis proposal, at the same time you may or may not do your thesis as part of an internship at a company. I am currently trying to cover all these aspects one article at the time.

I divided the process of writing a thesis in 5 different phases:

  • (i) What to do before starting this journey
  • (ii) What to do at the beginning of your journey.
  • (iii) Related work and literature research;
  • (iv) Experimental part
  • (v) “The last mile” for driving the work to a conclusion and successful submission.

In the subsections below you can find all the articles.

Attitude mindset and lifestyle

  1. Take a moment to reflect to right approach for the challenge ahead.
  2. Mens sana in corpore sano: Take care of yourself, in particular do not neglect of your physical health
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How to do a good thesis: before you start.

  1. Start from considering these tips for improving the quality of your proposal. They will help you in understanding how to think scientifically including if you do not have to write a research proposal.
  2. Check if you are aware of all the players around you thesis and what is their interest
  3. Understand how adopting good scientific practices can improve your grade.
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How to do a good thesis: the openings moves.

  1. Ask yourself what you want to do when you will “grow up”. This article will help you understanding how you can take the most from your thesis for your future goals.
  2. (Optional) Get a grasp of what kind of mentor I am. It will help you in understanding what I write in these posts and/or if we are compatible in case you are considering pursuing your thesis with me.
  3. Set up the proper communication tools with your supervisor, so that you will have a better quality time with him/her.
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Note on Writing:

  1. Writing a scientific endeavor has its rules and best practices.

How to do a good thesis: literature research and related work

  1. Look at these heuristics for understanding if a paper is worth reading or you should move forward to the next one.
  2. Understand how to select good venues (conference or journal) where you can search for good publication.
  3. Learn how to read a scientific paper faster and more effectively
  4. Master the right features in MS-Word for handling the related work and managing the growing complexity of the task.
  5. Get more insights about related work, literature review and survey papers
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How to do a good thesis: the experimental and scientific part

  1. Get an idea on “how to warm up your research engine” and do your first step.
  2. Get some inspiration from the work of other scientist and learn how to properly categorize the literature review.
  3. Familiarize with sources that can provide Data for your thesis.
  4. If you plan to write some code there are several free resources that can help you.
  5. If you plan to write some programming code, get familiar with these best practices.
  6. If you plan to use a survey for scientific research you may want to consider these tips and suggestions.
  7. Do this simple feasibility check if you plan to use an interview approach in your case study research
  8. <work in progress>

How to do a good thesis: the last mile

  1. Did you produced the first final draft of the thesis? Here you can find a simple set of rules and a checklist that can help you.
  2. Are you close to finishing the thesis? Put your current draft to a (stress) test.

The End Game

  1. Deal with the submission of your thesis and its defense in the proper way
  2. Understand what is Open Access and how you can make the most of it
  3. Consider the benefit (and the extra work) of publish your thesis. Is it worth it?
  4. Now that your thesis has been submitted is about preparing a killer presentation for the defense!

The End of the Journey

  1. Publish your thesis using the University Library. It will take less then one hour and will ensure some extra visibility to your work.
  2. Learn what the future of your thesis could be
How to Do a Good Thesis: the Miniseries
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How to Do a Good Thesis: the Miniseries
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