Grid Enabled Remote Instrumentation with Distributed Control and Computation (GridCC)

The goal of GridCC was to exploit Grid opportunities for secure and collaborative work of distributed teams to remotely operate and monitor scientific equipment using the Grid’s massive memory and computing resources for storing and processing data generated by this kind of equipment. The project aims to extend the state of the art of computing…

Interoperability of the Time of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things

Abstract: Industry 4.0 demands a dynamic optimization of production lines. They are formed by sets of heterogeneous devices that cooperate towards a shared goal. The Internet of Things can serve as a technology enabler for implementing such a vision. Nevertheless, the domain is struggling in finding a shared understanding of the concepts for describing a…

Workflow Support for Volunteer Computing

Web APIs for Instruments and Devices

Title: Web APIs for Instruments and Devices (tentative) Mentor: Francesco Lelli  In the coming 10 years not only computers will be connected to the Internet but also small and heterogeneous devices will be part of the web too. These devices will support people in carrying their everyday life activities. This trends is known as Internet of…