Nepomuk was one of the biggest European Information and Society Technologies projects. Its goal was to develop a comprehensive solution for extending the personal desktop into a collaboration environment which supports both the personal information management and sharing and exchange across social and organizational relations. This solution is called the Social Semantic Desktop. On the one hand it supports the personal aspects of knowledge work with tools for knowledge articulation and visualization, the interfaces and data structures of the personal semantic web, and integration of personal work process support. On the other hand it supports the social aspects of communication, distributed collaboration, and social exchange by providing solutions for distributed search and storage and of semantic social networks and knowledge exchange.


Faced with an ever-increasing information flood in a complex and interconnected world, individual knowledge workers are in dire need for support in structuring their personal information space and maintaining fruitful communication and exchange within social networks across organizational boundaries. NEPOMUK develops technical support and stipulates and mobilizes community efforts to realize the Social Semantic Desktop.

This paradigm comprises a set of technical and methodological solutions for:

  • supporting the knowledge life cycle via personal knowledge articulation support, embedding in personal work processes, and sharing, exchange and alignment across social networks
  • cross-media and cross-application linking and browsing of information items based on standard semantic web data structures, together with un-intrusive metadata support
  • knowledge communication within social networks and distributed search and storage to build, maintain, and employ inter-workspace relations in large scale distributed scenarios.


Some relevant publications includes:

If this is not what you are looking for, at this link you can see the full list of projects

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