Grid Enabled Remote Instrumentation with Distributed Control and Computation (GridCC)

The goal of GridCC was to exploit Grid opportunities for secure and collaborative work of distributed teams to remotely operate and monitor scientific equipment using the Grid’s massive memory and computing resources for storing and processing data generated by this kind of equipment. The project aims to extend the state of the art of computing…

Workflow Support for Volunteer Computing

Workflow Support for Volunteer Computing

Title: Workflow Support for Volunteer Computing (tentative)M Mentor: Francesco Lelli  Volunteer computing is a type of distributed computing in which computer owners donate their computing resources (such as processing power and storage) to one or more “projects”. Successful applications that adopted this technique include SETI@Home [1] and Folding@home [2]  Toward this idea in this project the…

Abstract Representation of Cloud Computing

This picture is an abstract representation of cloud computing a technology that is very concrete but at the same time not clearly defined and the question “what is cloud computing?” usually lead to different answers from different people. Clouds Computing refers to a set of technologies that provides the possibility to share or outsource storage space…