Abstract of Issue in Automatic Combination of Cloud Services

Current cloud service description languages envision the ability to automatically combine cloud service offerings across multiple abstraction layers, i.e. software, platform, and infrastructure service offerings, to achieve a common shared business goal. However, only little effort has
been spent in this direction. This paper formalizes the issue of automatic combination of cloud services showing its computationally intensive nature. In order to overcome this issue we propose a Resource Description Framework (RDF)- based prototype implementation that leverages a batch process for automatically constructing possible combinations of cloud services. Using this approach we are able to analyze possible combinations of cloud services that may fit particular customer needs in a timely fashion

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Issue in Automatic Combination of Cloud Services
Issue in Automatic Combination of Cloud Services

Cloud resources offered as services can be described using a common schema model and hence can be composed in order to achieve a common business goal. We present in this paper the issue of composing cross-layered cloud services to build a Service-based Cloud Application (SBCA), and formalize it as a tree navigation algorithm involving external approaches for matching cloud service descriptions.
Given the fact that there could be a huge number of cloud service offerings in a real marketplace, this algorithm may grow exponentially and become a computationally intensive task. For our prototype implementation, RDF is used to create a sample model containing sample cloud service offerings, a batch process is implemented to continuously scan the model and discover possible compositions of cloud services, and SPARQL is used to retrieve cloud services and their possible compositions in a timely fashion. In the future, we intend to continue investigating the issue of cross-layered cloud service composition in order to discover and quantify the benefits and the limits of this approach by providing experimental results.

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Issue in Automatic Combination of Cloud Services:

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D. K. Nguyen and F. Lelli, Issue in Automatic Combination of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS, 10th International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing with Application ISPA 2012 track Clouds for Business and Business for Clouds, Spain, Madrid, July 2012

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