What is “Letters to the younger self ?”

Letters to the younger self
Letters to the younger self

It is a collections of “digital messages in a bottle” written by students that successfully graduated. They followed some of the advises that you are going to find in this blog and now they are bloody moving to the next chapter of their life.

After the successful defense, I ask to all my students to write a letter to the “younger self”. In particular I encourage them in imagining to be able to talk themselves as they were when they started their thesis.

With these letters they will be able pass some of their experiences to the “new generation” of young bachelor and master students. In this way they will be able to motivate other students in continuing their work and at the same time the “new generation” will have a chance to not repeat the same mistakes that the “old generation” did. All that they have to do is to read these letters.

If you plan to read or write one of these messages in a bottle you also may want to listen to following song. It will set the mood for the task:

Hope you will appreciate the opinions and practical suggestions that you will find in the letters to the younger self. Think about the struggle of the student that wrote the letter, read it carefully as is talking about the journey that you are currently doing or that you did. I am sure that it will help you in writing a better thesis.

Browse around and if you see something that you like send them a message. I am sure that they will appreciate!

Where can you find the letters? Here:

Letters to the Younger Self

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