The Tiny Instrument Element

The Tiny Instrument Element

Abstract of the Tiny Instrument Element In the past few years, the idea of extending the Grid to cover also the remote access, control, management of instrument devices has been explored in a few initiatives. Existing tools lack in generality and require advanced specialized computer science knowledge, thus making them difficult to be broadly adopted…

The many faces of the integration of instruments and the grid

Abstract: Current grid technologies offer unlimited computational power and storage capacity for scientific research and business activities in heterogeneous areas all over the world. Thanks to the grid, different virtual organisations can operate together in order to achieve common goals. However, concrete use cases demand a closer interaction between various types of instruments accessible from…

Natural Language Processing for Unstructured Text in Colloquial Conversations

Web APIs for Instruments and Devices

Title: Web APIs for Instruments and Devices (tentative) Mentor: Francesco Lelli  In the coming 10 years not only computers will be connected to the Internet but also small and heterogeneous devices will be part of the web too. These devices will support people in carrying their everyday life activities. This trends is known as Internet of…