Thesis Topic: Internships and Fellowships at the European Space Agency ( ESA ) plus Thesis

Mentor: Francesco Lelli

External Supervisor: Assigned by ESA case by case

Internships and Fellowships at the European Space Agency ( ESA )
Internships and Fellowships at the European Space Agency ( ESA )

The European Space Agency (ESA) offer a set of internship for students that want to do a thesis and contribute to the success of the European space program.  Some require you to be (just) graduated and some can be done in conjunction of your master thesis. They span in all the areas of Engineering, Computer Science and Information Management.  The department of Management has a collaboration in the areas of Software Engineering and Information Management with particular interest in AI and Big Data. In this respect, you are welcome to be an intern at ESA while pursuing your thesis for graduating in Information Management.   

4 different types of internship are available:

Student Internship

This internship cover a period of 3-6 months and is specifically focused on building a thesis at ESA. There are windows of time when they can apply and they are renewed every 6 months.

Link for more information:

YGT: Young graduate trainee

This program is for students that are willing to consider a longer staying at ESA, the duration is 1+1 year and require you to be a graduate students or that the thesis is the only thing that you are missing. You are going to receive a proper salary and you will be employed in one of the 4 centers (Frankfurt, Leiden, Madrid or Rome) of the agency for the duration of your full time contract.

Link for more information:

National trainee

These internships follow a similar trajectory of the YGT program, however a specific for a particular country and will require you to have a specific nationality.

Link for more information:

These positions also require an interaction with you and the national initiatives.

Specific Trainee positions:

Link for more information (look for “trainee”) : 

In this DB you can find all the positions that are currently open at ESA, if a particular research group requires a specific intern is advertise it here. You should look using the keyword “trainee”.

A Final Note on Internships and Fellowships at the European Space Agency

Our specific collaboration focus on the ESOC and ESTEC programs nevertheless the internships program is a single program for all the initiatives that are currently pursued at ESA.

Within this respect, the first selection process at ESA is centralized and equal for all the candidates. Consequently, if you are interested in pursuing a “thesis plus internship” you need to pass the first stage of the selection before been able to propose/define a topic of investigation.  The selection process and definition of the topic will follow this trajectory:

Phase 1: Interested candidates should apply for the proper internship program.

Phase 2: the candidate will be assessed by the ESA-HR

Phase 3: If successful, the candidate will be part of the trainee and inserted in an internal DB at ESA where scientists will look at your profile in search for a match with their interest. 

Phase 4: you will be contacted by ESA with a few possibilities for pursuing the internship

Phase 5: You will get in touch with me and we will decide how to finalize your thesis proposal in order to be able to do your thesis in Information Management as part of the ESA program.

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For a complete list of available thesis please visit the following link:

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