If you are interested in pursuing a career in consulting, the “EY Internship Fast Track ” could be an interesting opportunity for you. You will be able to combine your thesis with a relevant internship at EY to finalize your studies at Tilburg University.

EY Internship Fast Track

The ‘Internship Fast Track’ is an initiative of Tilburg University and EY to speed up the internship selection process and assure alignment between research topics and field relevance. The selection process is integrated with preparations of your thesis proposal, and is composed of the following phases:

EY Internship Fast Track: Thesis Proposal
  • Phase 1:  You work with your Tilburg University supervisor on a one-page thesis proposal and reach a preliminary agreement on the topic. I encourage you in contacting me as soon as you have decided that this opportunity can be beneficial for your career goals.
  • Phase 2: Next, you start the selection process at EY. EY will always have the final say in admitting you as intern. The fact that you are presenting yourself with a relevant proposal can help you in this phase.
  • Phase 3:If you are accepted at EY, you will refine and finalize the thesis proposal in collaboration with your Tilburg University supervisor and the selected thesis mentor at EY.
  • Phase 4: You start your internship at EY and work on your thesis (normally 3 – 6 months). Note that the internship does not guarantee you a prolonged position at EY, however, as ex-intern you do not need to re-do the formal HR selection tests.  

Internship reward: yes

Location: Netherlands (Amsterdam office or Eindhoven)

If you are interested in an internship at EY following our “EY Internship Fast Track” agreement, do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Contact details: Piet Verhoeven ( piet.verhoeven@nl.ey.com ) or Francesco Lelli.

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