Thesis Topic: Data driven customer student journey

Mentor: Francesco Lelli

External supervisor: Omid Feyli

Data Driven Student Journey
Data Driven Student Journey

The “Customer Journey” refers to the process of measure, understand and analyze the interactions that a customer has with a particular brand or product. The candidate will devise difference and similarities of these techniques with the digital experience that the students have with the university. In particular, he/she will evaluate and analyze various approaches for measuring and enhancing the digital experience that the students have in interacting with the university in various phases of their studies. This thesis is not about interviewing students or send surveys around; it is way more concrete and data driven. Example of topic of interest includes:

  • Data collection and quality
  • Data enhancing using popular social networks and search engine (Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. )
  • Data reporting and filtering.
  • Digital Analytics

The candidate will propose alternatives and develop proof of concepts that will be evaluated by the marketing division for refining the “digital student journey” of the students of the university.

If you are curious and you what to know more about the topic, I recommend you the following:

  • A generic article in Wikipedia about the customer experience:
  • A few keywords that you may want to use in google scholar: Digital Analytics, Digital Customer Journey, Digital Customer Experience, Data driven approach, touchpoint analysis 

A few resources for a practical understanding of the tools that may be used:

  1. Google analytics academy:
  2. Facebook for business:

This thesis is in conjunction with an internship at the marketing department of TiU, consequently your candidature will be subject to a scrutiny process that will proceed as follows:

Phase 1: Interested candidate should contact: Francesco Lelli (link) for a preliminary discussion of their ideas and the draft of a preliminarily proposal.

Phase 2: the candidate will be interviewed by a representative of the marketing department

Phase 3: If successful, the candidate will produce a full proposal for his/her thesis that will be submitted for a final go/no go evaluation.

Phase 4: the thesis and the internship will start as agreed by your supervisor and your mentor at the marketing department.

Note: this internship is remunerated and extra credits may be available upon a discussion with the head of the marketing division.

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