How to read scientific paper quickly and effectively

How to Read Scientific Papers Quickly and Effectively

In this article I will share with you a few techniques for understanding how to read scientific papers quickly and effectively. The vast majority of the scientific articles follow a structure that is known as IMRaD. That stand for Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion.  In addition a scientific article is “wrapped” by an abstract and…

Natural Language Processing for Unstructured Text in Colloquial Conversations

Heuristics for pre-selecting scientific works

Title: Heuristics for pre-selecting scientific works  (tentative) Mentor: Francesco Lelli This thesis is about trying to answering the following questions: “what is a good research paper?” or “is this publication worth reading?” before reading the paper. Nowadays the amount of scientific journals is overwhelming and constantly increasing. Students, as well as senior scientists, are facing…

6 Heuristics for Assessing the Quality of a Publication

This article is about heuristics for assessing the quality of a publication:  emphasis on Heuristics. Consequently, there will be always a case where these guidelines will be incorrect. Unfortunately, the alternative is been able to read and categorize all the scientific articles in the world; I am pretty sure that you do not have that much…