The many faces of the integration of instruments and the grid

Abstract: Current grid technologies offer unlimited computational power and storage capacity for scientific research and business activities in heterogeneous areas all over the world. Thanks to the grid, different virtual organisations can operate together in order to achieve common goals. However, concrete use cases demand a closer interaction between various types of instruments accessible from…


Grid Enabled Remote Instrumentation with Distributed Control and Computation (GridCC)

The goal of GridCC was to exploit Grid opportunities for secure and collaborative work of distributed teams to remotely operate and monitor scientific equipment using the Grid’s massive memory and computing resources for storing and processing data generated by this kind of equipment. The project aims to extend the state of the art of computing…

Workflow Support for Volunteer Computing

Web 2.0 APIs for Grid Computing: Thesis Proposal

Title: Web 2.0 APIs for Grid Computing (tentative) Mentor: Francesco Lelli  Grid/ Cloud computing offers to their users a virtually unlimited computational infrastructure. Users usually interact with this system using a command line interface thus limiting its use to people that are familiar with computers. The goal of the thesis is to expose similar functionality…