Ensuring that the data used in your publications are publicly available is part of the FAIR principles for good research practices. Obviously, not all the data can be freely available and some require particular attention to privacy issues. At the following link you can find the data that are released for reproducibility studies and further reuses by the scientific community:

  •  Lelli, Francesco; Toivonen, Heidi, 2021, “A Survey for investigating human and smart devices relationships“,  https://doi.org/10.34894/TRAONY, DataverseNL, V1
  • Roozen, Dexter; Lelli, Francesco, 2021, “Stock Values and Earnings Call Transcripts: a Sentiment Analysis Dataset“,  https://doi.org/10.34894/TJE0D0, DataverseNL, V1

At the links you can find also some documentation that will help the navigation of the information and the understanding the information. You are welcome to get in touch with me if you are interested in a reproducibility study as well as in extending these datasets for pursuing further research.

This is just the list of dataset publications. If you want more you can see the Full list of articles at this link.

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Paper Articles and Publication

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