The objective of Business Process Integration is to focus on how enterprises transform their structure and processes, and how they can integrate data from various sources in order to collaborate with each other by integrating their business processes.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

BPI Business Process Integration

  • Explain the use of and evaluate alternative business models for developing business-to-business solutions;
  • Suggest and evaluate alternatives to business-to-business solutions;
  • Explain and appraise the use of the Supply Chain Operations Reference Model for business-to-business solutions;
  • Explain and justify alternative business integration patterns for formulating enterprise integration solutions;
  • Compare data and process interoperability techniques and implement business-to-business solutions.


Students can participate in the final exam only after having successfully completed all their assignments.


This course focuses on integrating business processes that flow within and between enterprises. The course addresses how enterprises collaborate, what mechanisms and technology are necessary to achieve data and process integration and how these factors are reflected on the business processes and collaborative aspects of an enterprise.
The course contains an in-depth and integrated coverage of both business and technical issues including definitions, principles and strategy. In particular, it covers the following topics:

  • Business Models;
  • Business Collaboration;
  • Business Relationships and Processes;
  • Business Technology Infrastructure;
  • Data Integration;
  • Value Chains;
  • Integrated Supply Chains;
  • Business Protocols;
  • Enterprise Application Integration;
  • E-Business Integration.

Type of instructions


Type of exams

Written exam (100%)

Compulsory Reading

  1. Michael P. Papazoglou and Pieter M.A. Ribbers, e-Business Organizational and Technical Foundations, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, 2006. ISBN 13: 978-0-470-84376-5 or ISBN 10: 0-470-84376-4


Note that this class had substantial changes from the old Business Process Integration (BPI), in the recent years the number of weeks for each class has been reduced as part of a general guideline for the all university. Consequently the program as been reduced (as well as updated).