I am sharing a collection of classes in DataCamp that may help you in getting familiar with data science concepts in a practical manner. DataCamp is a paid service, however, students can normally use it for free. Probably the university where you are studying have an institutional subscription or, if that is not the case, you can profit of 3 months for free from a GitHub student pack. In this article you can find more information on how to obtain a DataCamp account for free.

DataCamp for getting familiar with Data Science concepts

The benefit of getting familiar with Data Science Concepts

There are several benefits of getting familiar Data Science concepts. Here, I will list the most obvious:

  • You will have another methodology in your portfolio of tools for conducting research.
  • The certifications that you will obtain will be part of your CV and will be able to differentiate your profile.
  • If you plan a a programming intensive and prototype driven approach for conducting your thesis (or research in general) you will be able to focus on the most interesting aspect from day one. This will prevent the unfortunate situation where you will be spending your time in catching up with your programming skills instead of really conducting research.

Courses Related to Data Science In DataCamp

This is a Python 101 course to perform Data Science:

This course is a bit more advanced compared to the previous one and focuses on Python specifically for data science:

Here you learn to write your own custom functions, complete with multiple parameters and multiple return values, along with default arguments and variable-length arguments:

This one complements the previous one and lets you practice doing a case study:

With this you will learn how to improve the efficiency and readability of your code:

And this one provides you with techniques for data cleaning and data (pre)elaboration:

Finally, the following 2 courses will let you familiarize yourself with Tensorflow

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Bonus Course (in OOP):

This course is not strictly related to Data Science skills. However, the more the complexity of your code will grow the more you will need to organize it properly. If you are not familiar with OOP at all, this post is a good introduction to Object Oriented Programming.