What is Data Inspired Creativity about? In an elevator pitch this project is a about Big Data with a focus to the media industry in collaboration with Talpa Media .

Data Inspired Creativity

The contemporary media landscape demands that media content producers approach continuously changing consumer preferences in an agile manner, adapting content to audiences. Insights gleaned from large data streams can support creative staff in adapting to trends and preferences of this moving target. This project aims to identify how and when (big) data can inspire Talpa’s cross-media creative innovation processes. The objective of this research is twofold. First, it aims to build new scientific insights about the relationship between (big) data and creative innovation processes (CIPs) in general, and those of the media industry in specific. Second, these scientific insights will be fed back into CIPs of the private partner of this research project (Talpa), who will provide the data as well as a testing ground. Changes in the global media landscape provide audiences with a wider range of content and media platform choices. As audiences cope with abundant choices in different ways, it is crucial for media companies to understand how audiences discern content between media platforms. Yet little is known about how audiences actively engage with content across media platforms. In this project, we study how “big data” in the fast-changing media industry can support the development of new media formats in the innovation process. We particularly focus on studying challenges and opportunities for cross-media companies that could generate valuable insights from combining data from each of the different platforms they own.

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Would you like to be involved? Drop me a line, research collaborations as well as master thesis may be available.

The project is supported by NWO

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