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Abstract Representations

Abstract Representation of Peer To Peer Peer To Peer

Abstract Representation of Supercomputing Supercomputing

Abstract Representation of Pervasive Computing Pervasive Computing


  • Italian: It is supposed to be my native language
  • English: Please be patient with my accent... I learned English at CERN...
  • French: Due to a set of events in my teen years I learned how to argue in that language
  • Spanish: Feel free to write and talk to me, hope you do not mind if I will answer you in English
  • German: The Cat is on the table.. in the table... mmmm... someone should kill this cat! :-)

Free Time

  • The Abstract Representations that you just saw (More Images)
  • Karate, Shotokan style
  • Chess Player, my favorite opens are Sokolsky and the Alekhine Defence
  • Classic Guitar: Do not misunderstand me... I'm not a good player.
  • Aquarium, It will be nice to have one in my office too... by the way my favorite fish is the Discus
  • Classic Motorcycle rider and keen on V based cylinder Engines: at the moment my motorcycle is in Padova :-(