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Web 2.0 APIs for Grid Computing

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Web 2.0 APIs for Grid Computing

Advisor: Cesare Pautasso
Mentor: Francesco Lelli

Abstract:Grid Computing offers to their users a virtually unlimited computational infrastructure. Users usually interact with this system using a command line interface thus limiting its use to people that are familiar with computers. The goal of the thesis is to expose similar functionality using Web based APIs thus exposing Grid functionalities to a larger audience.
The candidate will design and implement this APIs offering functionality like: (i) user authentication; (ii) job submission; (iii) data transfer; (iv) job monitoring and notification. Moreover it will validate the quality of his design choices implementing a Facebook or a Wordpress plug-in.

During this thesis the candidate will have the opportunity to contribute to existing open source projects in order to improve the present tools.

Knowledge and Skills:

Web Programming, Java Programming and basic knowledge of Distributed Systems.

Where to know more:

[1] GridComputing:
[2] REST:
[3] Facebook APIs
[4] Wordpress plugin